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Accident Claims

We are a busy practice dealing with all manner of accident claims for over twenty years. We have a proven track record of success with claims including road traffic accidents, asbestos related claims, accidents at work, general personal injury claims and medical negligence claims.

Our aim is to achieve the best possible result for each client through experienced hard work and diligence. Our Mr Gallen was recently involved in a road traffic accident in which damages awarded amounted to £450,000.00 and prior to that Mr Gallen was also involved in an award in an asbestos case which at that time was the highest award in Northern Ireland.

Accident Claims

Our Ms Fitzpatrick is presently dealing with personal injuries claims which will attract significant damages including a recent complicated medical negligence action which settled in the sum of £85,000.00.

We are aware of insurance companies attempting to settle claims directly with accident victims without even sight of a medical report. Our Mr Gallen had occasion in a recent case whereby a client had been offered £3,000.00 directly by the insurance company to settle within 48 hours of the accident without a medical report. We advised the client to have the matter properly medically investigated and we obtained an orthopaedic report, a radiological examination and an MRI scan. Investigations revealed pre-existing problems in the neck. The case was eventually settled for agreed damages in excess of £13,000.00.