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Tougher waste law to be introduced – 25 March 2014

Northern Ireland’s environment minister has outlined plans to step up his department’s inspections regime in response to warnings that the waste industry is vulnerable to organised crime.

Mark H Durkan said that by the end of June he will review the legislative framework for waste management and establish a new body, the Resource Efficiency Directorate, to co-ordinate waste policies.

He said: “The waste sector in Northern Ireland is highly vulnerable to criminal infiltration and some of this activity is linked to organised crime.

An ‘Operational Strategy’ and an action plan will also be set up. The plan includes:
1.targeted inspections on waste operators

2.partnership with local government so that councils and the Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) share information, resources and strategies to manage waste

3. innovation partnerships with Northern Ireland businesses to help them reduce waste and cut costs.